Am I The Dude Here?

Date number 3 with Finn was last night. We planned on getting delivery and catching up on some DVR shows at his house and possibly me helping him decorate his tree. I got a migraine earlier in the day and ended up leaving work early to take a nap in hopes of feeling better in … Continue reading Am I The Dude Here?

Gold Star

A little back story on me. I have hinted before about how much I love my favorite musicians and seeing them perform live. I travel to see them whenever possible because I cannot get enough and being at their shows is my happy place. I have seen my top two favorites almost 100 times between … Continue reading Gold Star

Holiday Inflation & Abrupt Dismissals

Remember how I ran out of potential matches? Now, suddenly there seems to be an endless supply, but they're not truly local. The app says they are X number of miles away, but for those that actually write stuff in their profile, they often will put their residency history (GA>SC>PA>DC>WA) or a comment such as "just … Continue reading Holiday Inflation & Abrupt Dismissals