Meet the Parents

I had invited Finn to my parents' house for New Year's dinner a few days prior to the New Year. He didn't give me an answer. On New Year's Eve during our marathon evening in bed, I asked him a question about something that I can't recall, followed by asking again if he was coming … Continue reading Meet the Parents

I Found Heaven On Your Kitchen Floor, er Island

A few weeks or so after we first met, Finn mentioned that he was going to his hometown for New Year’s Eve. He still works there, but lives closer to me, about an hour or so away from the hometown. However, a lot of his friends are still there so he goes there often. I … Continue reading I Found Heaven On Your Kitchen Floor, er Island

Holiday Inflation & Abrupt Dismissals

Remember how I ran out of potential matches? Now, suddenly there seems to be an endless supply, but they're not truly local. The app says they are X number of miles away, but for those that actually write stuff in their profile, they often will put their residency history (GA>SC>PA>DC>WA) or a comment such as "just … Continue reading Holiday Inflation & Abrupt Dismissals