Meet the Parents

I had invited Finn to my parents’ house for New Year’s dinner a few days prior to the New Year. He didn’t give me an answer. On New Year’s Eve during our marathon evening in bed, I asked him a question about something that I can’t recall, followed by asking again if he was coming to dinner the next day. He said, “yes and yes.”

Wait, could you repeat that? Did you just say, “yes and yes?”

“Yes, I did.”

Oh, wow. Maybe that fear of commitment isn’t going to stick around too long.

Cut to January 1 and time for dinner. We rode together from his house to my parents’. As we pulled into the driveway I asked if he was nervous. He said a little bit. I told him that my family are good people, they raised me, didn’t they?

He came inside and got to meet everyone all at once, save for my nephews who were in their room.

At one point before dinner, my dad did ask how we met. We both kind of chuckled and didn’t reply right away. My dad filled the silence and asked if it was at one of the many concerts I go to. Finn laughed and said “no, I’ve never heard of the people whose shows she goes to.” That gave me the chance to say that I told Finn about my concert habit on our first date and he gets it. And just like that we were off the how we met question. We laughed later at how we dodged that question. I’m not ashamed to tell anyone how we met, but my 66 year old dad probably wouldn’t get it and it would turn into a million questions later. I’m sure eventually it will come out, but I’m glad that we skirted it for the time being.

All in all, it went well. As I said, they’re good people. And we come from a family of excellent cooks so there’s that, too. Now that that is out of the way, I feel a little more comfortable with where he stands regarding us.

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