Not the Morning After

The day after date number 3 was rather uneventful, but Lena had asked me how things were going so I referred her to bring herself up to speed on parlendezvous. She said that it’s awesome he doesn’t want to make me another notch in his belt but maybe he just needs more time to open up about things. I agreed. I was just so torn because let’s be honest, I have not ever met a guy who wanted to hold off on sex, no matter the reason. I have not doubted his attraction to me, good lord, that would be a plot twist, no?!? I just don’t want to end up in the friend zone.

Cut to a little while later and my text conversation with Finn.

See what I mean about my stupid brain overthinking everything? I just need to stop and let things happen. It had been 3 dates. We had only met one week earlier. What is the rush?

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