Gold Star

A little back story on me. I have hinted before about how much I love my favorite musicians and seeing them perform live. I travel to see them whenever possible because I cannot get enough and being at their shows is my happy place. I have seen my top two favorites almost 100 times between the two of them. I realize that this is not “normal” to most people, but I love it. I have made some of my best friends at shows. I met Lena in line at a show as well as my daily chat group, whom I will call the Cookie People. These are the people that do the same thing as me; wait in line all day to secure a spot at the barricade, randomly sprinkle song lyrics of our favorites into everyday conversations, buy all the merch our wallets can afford, fangirl to each other about how awesome they are as artists. They are my people, my tribe.

 Most people don’t “get” it and if you don’t get it, you just don’t get it and no amount of explanation will help you understand. I’m okay with that and understand this is a rather unusual hobby to most others.

As I mentioned, on my first date with Finn, I told him I was letting him in on my crazy in telling him about how I live this superfan life. I prefer superfan to the negative connotation associated with the word groupie – I am not Penny Lane in ‘Almost Famous,’ and I do not wish to get into the pants of these artists. He did not seem to find it weird at all. In fact, he said it was pretty cool that I did this.

Yesterday, my number two favorite artist announced a spring tour. Chat with the Cookie People was LIT because he’s the common thread that brought us all together. Everyone was consulting calendars, bank accounts, time off balances, etc. to figure out which show(s) we could make it to. I texted the tour announcement to Finn with the comment “this is called me being super excited and can’t focus until tickets are secured.” He replied asking if dates and locations were announced yet to which I replied with a, “yep.” I told him I was bummed because I was only going to be able to make it to 4 shows. His reply was, “only 4? LOL.” I realize that’s more than normal people, but I told you when we met how I am.

Last night, there was a credit card member presale available for some of the stops on the tour, two of which were on my list. After securing the first, I texted Finn to let him know

You don’t even know how much his reply meant to me. I sent that screen shot to the Cookie People and the comment “He’s on board with my crazy.” Amy replied with, “Oh snap.” Riley said, “Good job, buddy. Good job.” My people know how much that reply means.

So yeah, Finn gets a gold star for saying all the right things. Lord help me, I am really starting to like this guy.

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