Welcome to how my brain tries to ruin a good thing.

After my first date with Finn where I learned his last name, I looked him up on Facebook. You know the featured photos section? Four of the five pics are of him with his ex. Now, I know he’s a dude and men aren’t typically known for keeping their social media up to date, but this led me down the rabbit hole. I proceeded to look through all the pictures he had of the two of them and of course, then I clicked on her name and looked through all her pictures that were visible. Side note: why don’t people lock down their profiles? I guess that’s good for me as it aided my investigative research, but I just don’t get it.

It appears from their pictures that they were together for just over two years with the most recent picture being from this past July. Meh. Not too recent for them to be looking for someone new, I suppose. It’s just weird to me. No need to erase your life together. We’ve all got exes, but I’d bury that shit with new pictures. Maybe that’s just me. Admittedly, I haven’t had a recent ex since the advent of social media so I don’t have direct experience with this, but to me, it’s just logical.

First of all, I keep my Facebook pretty private to the public. Secondly, when I break up with someone, I really don’t need to see pictures of us staring me in my face, whether online or in real life.

Of course, I immediately told Lena all about this and got her take.

Don’t let this into your head. Maybe they’re still friendly. And clearly he’s not social media savvy. He only knows how to swipe.

She’s right. So, I am going to get out of my own way and try to not let that cloud my judgment. I am going to remember how our circa 1996 date without cell phones made our time together fly, how he has sent me several sweet messages since then that have made me warm and tingly, how he seems like a genuinely nice guy and let it play out from there.

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