I ended up going on the date with Finn the other night. I arrived first and was waiting in the parking lot, texting Lena. He had previously sent me a picture from inside his vehicle and I deduced from the interior that he drove a Dodge Ram. A white Dodge Ram pulled into the lot and parked 2 spaces over. As soon as it shut off, I got a text from him that he was here. I replied with “white Dodge?” and got out of my car as he had started walking in to the restaurant. The first thing I remember him saying is, “look at you, you have plans and they’re with me,” referring back to how I said I rarely have plans.

He opened the door to the vestibule of the restaurant, and since I entered first, I got the next one, into the actual restaurant. I appreciated the gesture, but I am also an independent woman, so I felt this was a good compromise.

We were seated at a booth and the conversation just started flowing right away. We were probably annoying to the waiter because it took us awhile to figure out our drink orders and then even longer to figure out what we wanted to eat. Blue Moon for him, Cosmopolitan for me. This being a Mexican restaurant, I mentioned that I was trying to remember if this was where I had ordered a specific item before, in an attempt to find a local substitution for the best Mexican dish I’d ever had at a town in upstate NY (don’t judge, I don’t care if it was or was not authentic, it was damn good). Finn asked me to repeat the name of the town. I told him it was Clinton, NY (remember, all names have been changed). He said the reason he had asked is because his last name is Clinton.

We talked, ate, and drank. It was a dialogue – you know, an actual conversation between two people, as opposed to not being able to really say much with Ryan. And there were some common interests, as opposed to me not liking anything that Dale asked me about.

We talked about our jobs, our families, our hobbies, my tattoos and his lack thereof, music, movies, TV, sports, travel. I said that I was “letting him in on my crazy” when I told him about how I travel to see the bands I love. He told me about how his father passed away 18 months ago and he apologized for getting choked up and fighting back tears. During one of our text conversations, I had mentioned that my family usually does Sunday dinners together at my parents’ house and we talked about that. He said he thought that was so cool that we did that and that he was even a little jealous of it.  He asked me about the significance of my airplane tattoo and said it reminded him of his father and grandfather, both of whom had worked for British Air. I’m not a big believer in signs, but if he is, he had two of them (the mention of the town in NY being his last name and now this) tonight.

At one point, I pulled my phone out of my purse to show him a picture and saw that it was 8:52. We had gotten there at 6:30. I’d had no idea what time it was and then realized that I had no reason to pull my phone out at any point prior to that. After showing him the picture, I put the phone away again. Please know, this is highly unusual behavior for me. It was the same with him. He pulled his phone out twice to show me pictures, but that’s it. Neither of us were distracted by them. It was as if we were on a date in 1996.

The waiter came and put the check on the table and Finn promptly grabbed it and sat it beside him on the booth. I asked if I could pay him, to which he replied, “Absolutely not.” Again, I’m an independent woman and was fully prepared to pay, especially since technically the date was due to my initiating it. But I am sincerely appreciative of chivalry too, so I thanked him.

He asked if I would want to go on a second date with him and I agreed. He said he really enjoyed talking to me and that it was really easy. I agreed wholeheartedly. He commented how I had said that I was shy and I didn’t come across that way at all. Maybe it’s because we had been chatting via text for a week before meeting or what, but I really felt comfortable talking to him whereas I usually take awhile to warm up to people.

We walked to the parking lot and wouldn’t you know it, there was a couple making out right beside my driver’s door. That doesn’t make a first date, how should we end it situation awkward at all. We chatted a little more before they finally left. He had plans for the next few nights and his next free day is Sunday. I told him that I won’t be having Sunday dinner since my parents were going on vacation, so we made tentative plans for then.  He ended up giving me a hug goodbye (shew, didn’t have to worry about the cold sore can’t kiss you and make you feel like an ass head turn).

When I got in my car and turned on my music from my phone, the time was 9:27 and the battery was at 99%. Say what? I got a text from Lena about 5 minutes later asking if I was alive. Gotta love the bestie who wants to make sure she isn’t going to have to give an interview to People magazine about you.

All I have to say is this cold sore better be fucking gone by Sunday.

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