Yesterday, while chatting with Finn, I made the bold (in my mind) move of asking him when we were going to meet. He had asked me both Friday and Saturday via text it I had any plans and I told him no. When I said this on Saturday, I also added that I typically don’t have plans so you can assume that to be the case unless I state otherwise. He replied that we need to “plan” to meet so that way I can have plans some time. I thought it was cute and replied that we definitely need to meet.

I knew he had a travel day on Sunday so I didn’t want to bother him while driving. We ended up texting late that evening before heading to bed. We texted throughout the day on Monday as well. Since I know that I am personally worthless the day after a travel day (I know that the first thing I would do upon getting off work would be to take a nap), I didn’t bring up meeting then either.

So by Tuesday, I figured enough time had passed without mentioning meeting and allowing him time to recover from the holiday travel, but he did not appear to be doing it, so I took the bull by the horns and just asked when we were going to plan to meet. He replied within a few minutes and asked if I had plans the following evening (of course I didn’t). We decided on dinner and picked the place in a small town between where we both live.

I know what you’re thinking….this is all positive and these are all pleasant turns of events, so why the exasperative acronym title for this post? Well, that would be because I started developing a cold sore shortly after establishing my plans with Finn.

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

I have not had a cold sore in over 3 years. I remember it clearly because I almost canceled plans of going to see my favorite singer because of it. And now I get one? Ugh.

My BFF Lena was immediately notified at this tragic situation and I told her I would probably end up canceling on Finn, depending on how it developed overnight. I would feign illness. That should buy me a few days.

I ended up buying some OTC medication and started popping L-Lysine like it was TicTacs. I woke this morning and it wasn’t too bad. I would continue to monitor its progress throughout the day and decide if I was too “sick” to make it after work.

Then Finn texted me midday, asking if we were still on for tonight. Do or die decision making time. I consulted the mirror, applied more medication and decided that it really didn’t look as bad as I saw it. I took a selfie and realized it really isn’t noticeable until I point it out to you. So I told him yes, we were still on. To which he replied he was “looking forward to it!”

Obviously my other concern is what if we hit it off and he tries to kiss me? I’m already not allowed to have sex for another 9 days (more on that later), but am I going to be so prudish as to not kiss someone if we are both feeling it? Alas, that’s what I’m going to have to do. I have been offered the following suggestions as to how to avoid it/make excuses for the unsightly protrusion from my lip:

  • Impetigo (I don’t even know what that is, but Lena said it typically is found in kids though some adults get it too)
  • I burned it on hot soup
  • I don’t kiss on the first date. But I will fuck you on the second. LOL

Maybe all this worry is for naught. I guess I will cross that bridge if I come to it.

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