Many Matches, Minimal Results

Thanksgiving weekend was the longest weekend ever. I’m not really complaining about it, but I am a little bit. But only because there was a lot of potential, followed by a lot of nothing. The Tuesday & Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I matched with several guys and sent them messages.


Finn replied fairly quickly and chatting was easy. However, he was headed out of town for the long holiday weekend to visit his family so there was no chance of us actually meeting just yet.


Ben also replied pretty fast, but annoyed me right away (maybe I am too picky).

  • Me: (noticing Metallica calendar in one pic & shirt in another) How many times have you seen Metallica?
  • Ben: I have seen Metallica one time. I would like to see [them] perform live in concert again. I am a big fan of Metallica. What kind of music do you like? Do you like to travel? What is your favorite memory from one of your vacations?
  • Me: I hear they’re good in concert. I have a friend who’s seen them a bunch. That’s not really my kind of music/concert though. My musical tastes are hard to classify. My favorite artists are those most have never heard of. I love traveling and do it every chance I get, it’s hard to pick a favorite memory though.
  • Ben: I understand. I have been to Italy, France, and Austria. All of which were amazing. I also would like to visit a lot of other places too, like Spain, England, Scotland, Japan, Switzerland, my list goes on and on. Do you like to go to the gym? I go to the gym about 2 to 3 times a week. I like going to gym and fitness. What is your favorite exercise?

I can’t. I just can’t. As I’m reading what he’s writing to me, all that runs through my head is Amy Poehler as the 10 year old, hyperactive Kaitlin harassing her step-dad, Rick with a million incessant questions and run-on sentences. “Rick! Rick! Rick!”

kaitlin snl

If you haven’t seen those sketches, get thee to YouTube asap and thank me later.

I responded to Ben once more, but only to be polite. I figured since I mentioned I don’t do the gym he lost interest as he didn’t reply for several days. When he did reply it was with another barrage of questions. I’m just gonna let that yammering dog lie.


Message sent commenting on his artistic photo of himself reflected in the bottom of a pan. No reply.


Message sent asking if he was ready for the food coma on Thursday. Replied with, “so ready.” I replied that I was too, just had to make pie for my contribution to dinner. He replied by ‘liking’ that comment and nothing else. You gotta work with me here, pal.


Having no shame in my game, I also sent Grant the food coma question. No reply. Guess he wasn’t ready for that kind of openness with a new person.


All these matches and attempted conversations, but the only one that stuck was Finn. I guess dating truly is a numbers game, after all. This is probably why I’ve tried and given up so quickly in the past. I don’t have the patience for this bullshit. Finn & I have been chatting fairly regularly for the past week and have made plans for dinner this week. You know I will be here shortly afterward to update how it goes…



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