Holiday Inflation & Abrupt Dismissals

Remember how I ran out of potential matches? Now, suddenly there seems to be an endless supply, but they’re not truly local. The app says they are X number of miles away, but for those that actually write stuff in their profile, they often will put their residency history (GA>SC>PA>DC>WA) or a comment such as “just moved to Tampa after 8 years away,” (and I don’t live in FL).

It’s holiday inflation. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and these fellows must be visiting local family for the holiday. If I were only looking to hit it and quit it, then sure this would be fine, but I’d really rather not. Besides, that’s what Ryan is for right now. So for the next few days, I have a feeling the majority of app matches may be askew.

Regardless, I was on last night and lo and behold, I got three matches in a row. I’d been up since 4:30 am so I was fading fast by 10 pm when these matches were made. I really wasn’t up to starting a conversation (assuming they’d write right away) and then saying I was tired and needed to go to bed. To me, that’s akin to turning down a date to wash your hair, even if it was the truth.

So I waited until this morning to send introductory messages. When I first started on the app, I struggled with knowing what to say. I’m no Aziz Ansari with the go-to, “I’m at Whole Foods, need me to pick you up anything?” I’m not great at small talk and it felt hella awkward just chatting up a stranger with nothing to say other than, “hello,” “happy Friday,” or the like. Now that I am more comfortable, I try to find something unique to each guy from his profile or photos to grab his attention and garner a response.

When I logged on this morning, there were only two guys waiting for me to start conversing. I can’t even remember the other guy’s name, he left the party so soon. This happened the other day as well with the guy who claimed he could make good girls bad for the weekend. I didn’t start chatting right away and poof! be gone. Oh well, no great loss, he may have just been here for the holiday anyway.

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