Ryan Wachs (yes, again)

Remember when I messaged Ryan on my way home from my date with Dale? If you’re too lazy to click the link or you’ve forgotten already, I stated in that post that I texted him asking if he was done having fun with me. Truth is, that was me being polite because I was typing on a publicly viewable screen (i.e., hi coworkers). The actual text I sent is pictured, followed by how that evening and the following morning played out (exhibit A).

As seen in exhibit B, Ryan sent me a message that evening asking why I had been around, which in turn led to me visiting him once more. I briefly started replying with that I had been on a date, but decided better of that. I’m sure that he didn’t really care why (it was just an excuse to text me again) and I don’t feel like he deserved to know. Not to mention, he is a serial kidder and I know he would have grilled me and teased me about how it had gone. I would have had no reason not to tell him, but it just didn’t seem important to me that he learn these things.

I digress.

This was definitely a wham, bam, thank you ma’am encounter. I arrived around 8:30 and I got into my car to leave at 9:22. For some reason, I paid close attention to the time I left because I’d been trying to find the shortest route home from his place/town.

  • I arrived.
  • He let me in.
  • He said he wasn’t feeling well and might be getting sick.
  • He went upstairs to take some meds & use the facilities. (Sexy, I know, but everybody poops)
  • He called down to me and said he was going to lie down, did I want to join him?
  • I went upstairs, he stripped down to his underwear and got into bed.

Okay. I mean, I knew why I was here, but wow, it took very little time to go from making an effort to entice me to what we had happening here. Nonetheless, I proceeded with why I’d shown up. Even at an accelerated pace, damn. I enjoy doing him. This guy gets it done for me.

It’s been almost a week since our last encounter and neither of us has texted the other, but I’m not counting this one out for a good time. Yet.

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