The hive is empty

A couple days ago, for the first time, I ran out of potential matches on the app. I didn’t think I was THAT picky, but apparently, I am if I’ve come to the end of the eligible bachelors between 35-45 in a 25 mile radius of work and home. Mind you, I work 20 miles from where I live, so that radius widens beyond just the 25 miles.

out of matches

The funny thing is the app suggests that I invite my friends. Look nerds (aka, super smart and likely rich app developers), if I had friends that I could suggest get on there, then why exactly would we be using the app anyway?

As it were, I ended up feeling pretty ill over the weekend so it worked out that I didn’t have any potential dates planned. I did end up with a match on Sunday, and I will be honest that I only swiped right on him because he seemed totally douchey and completely blog-worthy.

His profile read as follows, “Are u a sexy librarian? Then message me and see what we can get into. Cheers to all you beautiful women. I can make good girls bad for a weekend.”

See what I mean? Okay, Swifty.

However, we matched on a Sunday and I wanted to wait to message him until Monday and ask if his ability to make good girls bad was only a weekend thing or if that worked on weekdays too. Sadly, we shall never know. Apparently, I did not jump soon enough at the chance to exchange with Sir McDouche-a-lot as he unmatched me within a few hours.

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