Ken Stevens

I met Ken on the “B” app as well. In his profile, he displayed his Myers Briggs personality type as ENFP…the exact opposite of me. I used this as my opening to chat with him since we had matched. I asked his thoughts on opposites attracting. He said he felt there is certainly an attraction in those cases, but is there longevity? Guess we were going to see what happens.

We chatted back and forth for a few days and he asked about meeting. I was heading out of town for the weekend, but said I would be getting back early enough Sunday that we could do so then. He agreed. Big mistake on my part.

I had a whirlwind weekend, partying and staying up too late with my girlfriends. I was able to sleep on the plane, but it was not enough. I didn’t want to be rude and cancel at the last minute and I was rather excited about meeting Ken since we had a good repartee back and forth via chat.

I arrived a few minutes before him and took a seat at the bar. He told me when he pulled in and I told him where to find me. I immediately apologized for my condition. He said it was understandable. We chatted and ate, it was pleasant. The spark of our witty banter did not carry over into real life, but I chalked that up to how tired I was. I did not trust myself to be able to make an informed decision about him at that time.

After dinner, he walked me to my car and I thanked him for dinner and gave him a hug. He asked about seeing me again and I agreed and said I promise to be well rested the next time.

The next morning, I sent a text just asking how his day was going and that I hoped it was a good one. He replied with a pleasantry of some sort and that was it. I haven’t heard back from him since. Win some, lose some.


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