11/03 & 11/04/2017

Ryan Wachs

The next morning he texted that he was excited to see me that night and suggested I take an early day and come hang with him. That wasn’t going to happen, but I smiled at his excitement.

I did ask if he would still be so excited to hang out with me if not everything was on the table and he said definitely, he’d had a blast with me.

I ended up going to his place around 9 that night and again we hung out, watching tv, even playing some trivia on our phones about Friends, Golden Girls, and The Wonder Years. He was drinking and had been for a little while by the time I arrived. Honestly, I don’t care about drinking, I have been known to partake and overindulge myself on multiple occasions. The difference being, I don’t tend to do that when trying to make good impressions on new people and I don’t often do so alone. No judgment on Ryan, but it was all too reminiscent of my ex, Bill and his functional alcoholism.

The evening progressed and the kissing began. Remember how I asked him earlier in the day if it was okay if not everything was on the table and he had said yes? He suggested we go up to his room and we could remained clothed, but “let’s just get more comfortable.” I’m no fool. But I played along and went with it.

Upstairs we went and ended up in bed, still dressed, but he was trying hard to change that. He asked why erverything wasn’t on the table. I explained that we were new to each other and I don’t know how he felt about the female reproductive cycle. I told him some men are fine with it while others are completely grossed out so I didn’t know where he fell. He said he was in the camp of the former and we could just put a towel down to take care of things. So that we did.

Holy moly. Look, I know it had been awhile since I’d been intimate with a man, but it was good. Really good. Passionate, searching hands, tender, rough. And it happened twice. Impressive for someone who had been drinking a fair amount that evening.


Almost noon and I get a text from Ryan, wanting to stop by. I was not at all prepared for company so I offered to visit him instead. I warned him that I was sore and tired from the night before so I probably wouldn’t be very enjoyable company. He said he would let me know. Because I was sore, I decided to take care of him and give myself a rest. Needless to say, he was quite okay with this.


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