Ryan Wachs

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. I matched with him on the “B” app where we chatted for a few days before deciding to meet. This was the first date I’ve been on in many years. He offered me to come to his place and I quickly declined stating that he might be a killer. He replied that he wasn’t, his name was Ryan Wachs and I could look him up to see that he wasn’t. He has his own business and website in his name. If he were a killer, he clearly hadn’t been caught yet and certainly had plenty to lose. I still wasn’t willing to do that, so we decided on a coffee shop in his town.

He strolled up to the coffee shop, on his phone, incredibly apologetic for being on the call but said it was for work and he couldn’t delay it. He handed me his credit card and asked me to order our drinks and then come outside to sit and people watch.

Shortly after getting our drinks, his call ended and we began talking. He is very much a salesman and a talker and made the conversation very easy and comfortable. However, I quickly noticed he talked a lot more than he allowed me to and he was extremely opinionated. Later, upon telling my friends that I felt he was quite opinionated, one said, “oh, so too much alike?” Touché, Amy, touché. Upon her stating this, I realized I am quite opinionated, but the difference between Ryan and me is that I don’t just spout my opinions off to everyone I meet.

Regardless. The coffee shop closed and the small town we were in doesn’t stay open much past that. We both had to pee so he said his place was a few blocks away and I agreed to drive us over there, since he had walked there. I had established in the hour and a half we sat together that I didn’t think he was going to harm me.

Another thing I noticed about him is that he seemed to be a little inebriated. He told me that he had gone to his favorite bar for dinner and drinks before meeting me for coffee. My friends suggested that this was maybe nerves and I agreed.

We got to his house, used the facilities, and hung out for a few more hours, talking and watching TV. And by talking, I mean, he did most of it. When I decided to head home, he walked me out and I wasn’t sure if he was going in for a hug or a kiss, but I went for the kiss. He immediately said that he dropped the ball if we could’ve been doing that all night and asked me back inside. I declined and said I needed to get home. He asked when he could see me again. I had plans early the following night, but said I could maybe come by afterward. He said I definitely needed to.

I had only been driving for a few minutes when I got a text from him again stating he had dropped the ball tonight. I told him he had not. He said “yeah right” and that he had had fun with me. I told him no balls were dropped, he had been a gentleman and that I would see him the next night.

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